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Natural Highs

”Things to do that don’t hurt you but are fun” – teen from Calais

"Taking risks” is a natural high. Try taking one healthy risk each day. Do something scary, hilarious, or wild to keep yourself young and alive, exploring your potential in new ways. ropes course bungee jumping cheerleading demolition derby beach combing foosball dirt biking snow mobiling 4-wheeling racing ping pong horseback riding parachuting parasailing laser tag roller blading body surfing surf boarding scuba diving basketball sports being with family and friends making pictures in the clouds roller coasters driving down a road you don’t know where it’s going singing loud and not caring how you sound laughing non-stop getting lost puddle jumping smiling and seeing others do the same composing music playgrounds thunderstorms blowing bubbles fake birthday parties running hiking singing dancing drumming working out making art canoeing storytelling swimming theater climbing trees hacky sack hip hop making music rock climbing kayaking writing birding playing games gymnastics juggling volunteering skiing snowboarding skateboarding skating hockey sledding pets reading cooking babysitting gardening listening to music snow sculpture eating edible wilds catching snowflakes falling in love laughing so hard your face hurts a hot shower no lines at the supermarket a special glance getting mail hearing your favorite song on the radio lying in bed listening to the rain hot towels fresh out of the dryer milkshakes a bubble bath giggling a good conversation the beach finding a $20 bill in your coat from last winter laughing at yourself midnight phone calls running through sprinklers laughing for no reason at all someone telling you you're beautiful waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep your first kiss making new friends playing with a new puppy having someone play with your hair sweet dreams hot chocolate road trips swinging on swings making eye contact with a cute stranger baking cookies holding hands running into an old friend sunrises knowing that somebody misses you hugs knowing you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think eating good food cartoons playing in leaves seeing a rainbow snowball fights picnics fishing video games star gazing singing silly songs


  • Everyone is born essentially good. We can support healthy habits. If we develop unhealthy habits, we all have the capacity to change.
  • Everyone wants and deserves love. Being yourself is a natural high. People sometimes make unhealthy choices to get attention or feel good.
  • Each of us is unique and has something special to offer the world. Everyone has powerful feelings. Creatively expressed feelings heal. Repressed feelings fester and cause disease.
  • We live in an addictive culture and are taught to "use" things to avoid our feelings. Drugs, shopping, food, relationships can all be "used" to avoid dealing with and creatively expressing who we are and what we need.
  • We are all connected and influence everyone around us. When one person hruts himself or herself, it affects us all, so it is in our best interest to take good care of ourselves and each other.

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